Safety Deposit Box

The room was large with dark wooden desk in front. The key was in my pocket in its little red envelope. How long had it been since I reviewed the contents of the safety deposit box. What treasures did it hold, what was hidden from my everyday life? The required documentation for identify was presented to the teller. “It looks like it has been a while sinc...e you were here last” The teller looked down at the register.
The bank vault door with glass and bars, gold colored, opened into a room with safety deposit boxes. There were so many and I only had the key for one. I could not get into the box without the other key. It took two keys to open the box to reveal the hidden treasures.
Access to the treasure is first by identification. Understanding who we are “In Christ”. As a child of the King that is your identity to have access to ALL that, he has for you. Once this identification is made you have an inheritance within the safe deposit box. Having the key is important he has given us the keys to the Kingdom. It is done; it was all completed on the cross.
What is our inheritance? What is the treasure within? The contents found inside the safety deposit box are like this.
A birth certificates represents documentation of birth, we are children of God. When we accept him as our savior we are a new creation in Christ. “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:26 (KJV).
A title or a deed can be found. This is the proof that you have something of value. We have so much more of value and a title. We are seated in heavenly places with Christ and he is building a room on His Father’s house. The deed and title were bought with a price by his blood on the cross.
Jewelry found within we are his treasure we are his jewel. His love is so great that He died on a cross for you and I! He knew us before we were born, before the heavens were even created he knew!
There are so many things that are in the safety deposit box, now is the time to no longer keep it hidden and quit storing it up! We have a soon and coming King and it is time to break open those things that are deep within to share the gospel the good news! Don’t hide it anymore walk out of your vault of religious entanglements and be free in who you are in Christ.

Lessons from Hummingbird

The day began in the quiet and stillness of the morning. Reading the word and listening to music. I observed the hummingbirds coming to the feeders for the sweet nectar. How beautiful the hummingbird, small in size but powerful, moving rapidly to and fro, wings beating set for a purpose.
The sweet nectar provided, reminded me of the sweetness of our Lord God. He is the sweetness an...d provision for all that we in need of. I heard the sound of the hummingbird wings as they dipped into the nectar I thought, that is the sound of praise, as the nectar is supped. One hummingbird made a sound, then when others came to drink of the nectar the sound became louder. How great the sound must be to our father God as we sup from his sweetness and praise. As others come into his presence the sound is greater.
Then the hummingbirds became passionate about the nectar, more hummingbirds came to the feeder. They eagerly partook of the nectar and as they rapidly partook of the nectar it spilled over the feeder. When we praise and spend time in the presence the sweetness of the Lord it spills over. The sound of the hummingbirds is rapid and moving. They purposed to partake and would fly then leave then come back for more.
I was challenged by the hummingbird to praise, to praise as I enter His presence and to spill over, to enjoy the overflow.
The sweet nectar spilled will be substance for others. Once the hummingbird tasted the sweetness they wanted more. As we enter into the intimacy the presence of the Lord we want more.
As we fly together in unity to the nectar the praise becomes greater! To desire fly after, or run after the Lord and all he has. His provision is ever present and will not run out. His love never fails. My heart beats within my chest like the hummingbird. My heart’s desire it to partake of the sweetness of the Lord and to Praise him, but to have the passion and purpose of the hummingbird. What a wonderful gift from the Lord to see his greatness is something so small.