The Diamond
The Top of the



Sometimes things are stacked and forgotten. Cleaning the top of the refrigerator I found hidden and forgotten treasures. I had parked several items above and out of sight.

The pink glass Depression bowl was my mother’s and cherished memory. The white china bowl with yellow flower was bought at a family member’s auction sale years ago.

Time had passed and the dust on top was thick. As I began to clean I began to think on a few things.  When was the last time I cleaned the top of the refrigerator?

I had to get “up” on a chair to see the dirt and have it exposed. Exposure, it had been there all along but I had chosen not to address the dust. It hit me this is so much like sin. It is there but we choose not to see it.

When we think of sin we often think of the big stuff, the stuff that is in front.  This was dust, over time and little stuff that was not addressed and now it was overwhelming mass of dirt.

I have to get “up” to see what is dirty, the stuff that needs exposed to be cleaned. My hearts cry is as David the psalmist prayed “create in me a clean heart, see if there is any wicked way in me”. Suddenly Lord show me what is the dust in my life that is not exposed to all that needs to be cleaned?

I have had attitudes at times, judgment, gossip and self-hatred. I have trusted in me and not God. Getting “up” things were exposed. The wet soapy rag cleaned the thick layer of dust in no time at all.

The blood of Jesus in a moment cleanse the sin from my life.

So what is on top of your refrigerator? What is truly in your heart? Go up look above let it be exposed and cleaned. “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10



More Reflections





The diamond fell out of its setting. It was lost, how would I ever find something that small and where would I have lost it.  Feeling a sense of loss and wanting to replace the diamond we went to the jewelry store.

We looked at various diamonds that would fit in the seat that was made for it. We looked at colors, cuts and cost of diamonds. Finally we had a possible plan for replacement and repair of the ring. In my spirit I did not have peace, I spoke to the clerk and told her, “I am going to go home and pray about this first I believe that the lost diamond can be found, I don’t feel right spending this money”.

She gave us a nod and stated to find something that small shine the light on the floor and it will reflect the light. Good idea!  We went home and each of us grabbed a flashlight and turned the lights out in the house. Scanning the floor we found many treasures in the darkness as the light hit them.  Legos, bits of glitter embedded in the cracks of the hardwood.  It was revealing to see how when the light shined in the darkness things took on a different look.

Finally all the floors were scanned, except the bathroom. I still had faith that it would be found. The bathroom light was turned off and suddenly in the darkness the light caught a shiny object on the floor. Found, found! It was the diamond.

This morning in my quiet time I was reminded of the parables in Luke chapter 15, the lost sheep, the lost coin and the prodical son. All found and restored.

In the darkness the light shined and revealed the jewel.  The word of God says that Jesus is the light of the world.  “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12. Then you are as a jewel to the Lord in the book of Zechariah. ”The Lord their God will save his people on that day as a shepherd saves his flock. They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown” Zechariah 9:16

It may seem dark right now but know that the light will shine in the darkness and his glory will be revealed.  Let the Lord your God shine upon you today, let His Love be revealed in you. You are more precious to him than any gold, any jewel you are a child of the King.


Three Bottles of Water



Three Bottles of Water

In a time of prayer, wondering how could someone be blessed today?  Who could be blessed this afternoon, it was so very hot and many errands to accomplish.

Three bottles of ice cold water were packed into a cooler bag and off on assignment. Who would receive this water and what would be said?

The heat was sweltering the inside of the car as 98 degrees the air conditioning was not working. Driving to a destination scanning the environment for someone who could use a drink of water.  Seeking a man that had been seen earlier in the day, riding in an electric scooter.  To no avail he was not be the recipient of a bottle of water.  Walking down the road on the opposite direction, a man and woman they looked very hot. Wrong side of the road it was not them.

Traveling to the first destination a tall thin man walking across the hot asphalt parking lot, had the appearance of a homeless person at first. He had a back pack over his shoulder and plastic bag in hand.  Pulling the car up next to him, a cold bottle of water was quickly handed to him. He was given the message that God loved him and blessings to him, he replied the “the same to you”, he then put the fresh cold sealed new bottle of water in the plastic bag of empty water bottles he had picked up. Driving away feelings of disappointment came. Did he not know what he had? He was given a gift he was running around with empties and he had a full bottle to drink. He was so busy in his task that he did not realize what he had been given. Was he not thirsty, how can you not be thirsty? It was 98 degrees and the humidity was about the same! 

Did he not know what he had!

The perception and expectation of what would happened definitely did not happen. On the way to the first errand there had been a tug to stop at a laundry mat, but thinking about it just did not seem like the “thing” to do.  Now was the time to do and not think about it, circling back listening the still small voice. Visualizing a heavy set lady in a white shirt and dark hair pulled up in a ponytail.  Knowing that she would be there to receive the water.

Driving into the laundry mat parking lot, right in front of the car to the left of the building were two ladies, one standing and one sitting. The lady sitting was the same person visualized before arriving. Quickly opening the car door watching the two women look with curiosity. Two bottles of cold water in hand walking to the two women and giving them an explanation of the assignment from the Lord.  

These ladies did not look surprised in fact received the water and quickly opened the bottles and began to consume the water. The message given to the women was that God loved them so much that sent them a bottle of cold water. His love was great for them and that His love never fails and no matter where there were today God was with them. They were thirsty and receptive!

Wow what a difference in the heat, in place of great need for water. One person did not realize what he had, the other two were receptive and wanted the water.

What a great gift of salvation! The events of the day bring a reflection to the Word of God and the woman at the well. John Chapter 4.

Are you thirsty today?  What are you thirsty for? We have such a great salvation, redemption from sin. Admit that you are a sinner, believe that Jesus is the Son of God born of a virgin, came as man and God, died on the cross for our sins, shed His blood a sacrifice for all, and rose again from the dead and is seated at the right hand of the Father, He is our soon and coming King! Receive all that He has for you. You will thirst no more! Confess that you have accepted Jesus as your savior!

Take a drink there is so much more!