​Melinda "Mindy" Wiese

Mindy left her career as an Assistant Professor at a local college teaching future nurses. She has passion to serve others with compassion and love.  She is a licensed minister with Church of God

She and her husband have a heart for missions. Serving faithfully in the local church and community for years. She wrote the book Heartstrings: Journey to My Healed Heart after God set her free from her past. She is a wife, mother, nana and a servant for the Lord. Her past does not define her, she is fearfully and wonderfully made with a message of Good News, the simple message of the Gospel




Should I tell my story? I wondered. I hesitated writing about the journey; after all I was not an author. Would I experience the pain again or be consumed by the darkness of depression and despair if I told the story?

I decided I should share my journey to my healed heart. In sharing my testimony through the years, I have met others who have had similar experiences or events in their lives. I have chosen to be a survivor and not a victim of my past. If I chose to be a victim, I would still be in the chains of bondage. My prayer is that my story will help others in their journeys to be free, to be healed from past events in life.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).

My journey took place over a period of more than thirty years. I did not understand but trusted in God even though my faith wavered at times. God was still with me through all my steps toward healing.